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    Stem cells is now made accessible, available and affordable and most important of all easy to use by the health professionals.

    Our stem cell products are meticulously manufactured with live stem cells, with full consent and ethical approval and all products are manufactured at GTP/GMP standard. The cells are expertly processed, tested, bottled and cryogenically preserved. These stem cell products are delivered much like an over-the-counter medication upon request and are ready for immediate use.

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    HONYA® IthunTM M1

    This first generation product has proven the concept of regenerative purposes. Stem cells are alive and viable, when thawed after years kept frozen, and able to proliferate to become more cells and differentiate and mature into functioning cells.

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    HONYA® IthunTM M2

    Every unit of our second generation product contains over a hundred million cells and has high regenerative potential and is suitable for a variety of applications. This stem cell product line is the backbone to some states-of-the-art clinical treatment trials with encouraging and exciting results.

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    HONYA® IthunTM M3

    Third generation product features improvement on purity and higher concentration of active ingredient. This line of products is the choice for refining and developing protocols for customers with liver or kidney problems. A higher concentration of active ingredient can also be translate to expectation of higher customer satisfaction.


    We provide high-quality cell product across the world.

    With each service area, orders are fulfilled on a first-come, first served basis.

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